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Interview with Robby Takac – Goo Goo Dolls

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Howie Mandel – Expect the Unexpected

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Roger McGuinn: Artist, Guitarist and Techie

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Lindsey Buckingham – Still Looking Forward

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Joe Piscopo – Just Your Average Work’n Joe

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Dashboard Confessional – Chris Carrabba Lets Us In – A Little Bit

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Kathleen Madigan – Irreverent Style in a Small Package

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Spring Forward, Fall Back…Just Let Me Sleep, OK?

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Has everyone recovered from our yearly moving of the clock? It seems to me that most people are okay after a day or two…for me, it takes about a month. I see it as jet lag, without the fun travel part, and I don’t like it. Maybe I should move to a state that does not practice the art of confusion or as most call it, Daylight Savings Time.

It has to be the only thing I don’t like about Spring.

Can someone explain why we still do this? Twice a year it’s like a big joke that the government plays on us. Let’s move the clocks. What lunatic invented this? I’ve heard the reasoning behind it: Continue reading Spring Forward, Fall Back…Just Let Me Sleep, OK?…

Mississippi Blues – Ben Prestage



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Forty…Fabulous? – Not So Much!

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Spring may be when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, but for me, this is the May I’ve been dreading for 39 years. Yes, I’m gonna hit 40. Did I just admit that on paper?

I must be getting old.

Facing 40 makes you ponder some of life’s biggest most mysterious questions?
Why am I here?
What does it all mean?
Will there be any Social Security left for those of us who paid into it?
What ever happened to Cyndi Lauper?
When the hell is garbage day and why can’t I ever remember that?

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Things You Gotta Love About August

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What does Bill Clinton have in common with the cute and cuddly imaginary elephant, Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street? They share a birthday, August 19. So does actor Matthew Perry and… oddly enough… Tipper Gore. They must have had some wild birthday bashes at the White House back in the day.

Sometimes while struggling to come up with a fitting topic I look up the month and try to find some odd holiday or interesting tidbit to run with. However, August is just chock-full of stuff.

August is Cataract Awareness Month and Romance Awareness Month, hmmm…proof that love is blind. Don’t worry, it’s also Eye Exam Month – I’m not kidding.

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Who said religion is down and out? One has only to enter the living room to see that worship is alive and well, and glowing.
Any given night of the week, I can tell you exactly where I might find you at 8 PM — watching television.
What is it about that box that we seem to have a complete love affair with?
It’s our universal pimp.

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Yoav on the Brink of his Big Break

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Listening to the music of Yoav, it’s hard to believe that the sounds coming from the acoustic guitar are only coming from an acoustic guitar.

If you only heard Yoav, you’d think drums, a synthesizer if not a few other instruments accompanied his guitar, but nope, he goes solo, just a guy and his guitar.

Using a unique picking style, banging the body of the guitar and singing, humming into the pick ups are just some ways that Yoav creates the kind beat music that DJs mix up in clubs. In fact, at one time in his life, Yoav aspired to be just that.

“There was a point when I wanted to be a DJ but I didn’t have money or equipment. I love electronic music.”

Which is just one contradiction of this artist. He loves electronic music and chose to play an acoustic guitar, coaxing the instrument to mimic the electronic beats. As far as writing goes, that’s also different.

“I write to the beat instead of strumming.”

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So Much to be Thankful For

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Every year around this time, we are reminded that it’s time to reflect on our blessings and be thankful. However, I can’t help wondering about these things…

Is it the media, or me?

The chatter about the environment has reached epic proportions. You can’t turn on the TV without a reminder that the glaciers are melting too fast, the oceans are rising and warming, the buildings on Singer Island are about to fall into the sea, fires are burning in California, droughts, floods and recently I heard on NPR, (National Public Radio) that the rainforest will be halved by the year 2030 if people keep encroaching on it, burning it for clearing out space, and drought. It’s unsettling. I’ve even started recycling.

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