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Southern Comfort – Interview with Bobby Ingram

If Bobby Ingram, lead guitarist of Molly Hatchet is flirting with disaster, he is well armed.

Surrounded by his legion of loyal fans he calls veterans, and their kids who were easily indoctrinated into their soulful, playful, painful, hard-rocking music that was born in the honky tonks and bar joints in Jacksonville Florida and carried all over the world, the band stands rock solid.
“Fundamentally, Molly Hatchet’s sound is high energy, kick ass,” said Ingram. “Molly Hatchet has always been a southern rock band. It’s pretty aggressive, aggressive with feeling. We have a lot of feeling that comes off the stage, and we transfer it to everyone.”

Band members, Phil McCormack, Lead vocal, harmonica; Dave Hlubek, lead guitar and background vocals; John Galvin, keyboard, hammond B-3, background vocals; Tim Lindsey Bass and background vocals; Shawn Beamer, Drums and Percussion and Ingram himself, lead guitar, slide and acoustic have developed a symbiotic relationship with their fans.

This spring, they rocked Sunfest to a rowdy crowd. Among fan favorites such as Whiskey Man, and Flirtin’ With Disaster, the band launched into Gator Country, a song that gives southern rock rivals – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels and “Old Richard Betts” (Dickey Betts a la the Allman Brothers Band) a little ribbing about who rules the roost in Florida – and ain’t nobody’s having more fun doing it.

The sheer joy of being in front of their fans, mixed with the comradery they share on stage, this band, that has in one form or another, been cranking out good ol’ boy southern charm since the 70’s reminds us that with age things only get better. At Sunfest, fans concurred with a resounding callback – “Hell Ya!”

But good times aren’t always the stuff of good southern songs.

Like many, Ingram lugs his wounds around with him. He’s not shy about admitting to the pain of loss, expressing that the best moment of his life is when he met his wife, Stephanie, and the worst, the day she died.

“I think I just remember the good times, remember the quiet times, happy times, the trips together, the conversations, and alway keep that in a special place in your heart. I think that’s how I’ve been able to move ahead – and I’ve surrounded myself with people that have been supportive to me. I have no family, no children, no living parents – my family is Molly Hatchet.

He sopped up all that pain and became fiercely protective of the only family he has left – the band. It may have been one reason he went back to school to pursue law – to give him the ability to defend his family and he does, fiercely.

In the face of an industry that will put you on a pedestal while sucking you dry, the kid that may have seen stars and unwittingly signed contracts that were not in his best interest, hopes to add a new title to his rock star moniker – esquire.

“When you start out you’re a kid. You’ll sign everything the big man, the big record company tells you – you’re their puppet,” said Ingram. “You’ll do anything to get the music out there. They’ll tell you anything. You want to believe everything but let’s say 50-100% of it was not the truth.”

The kid grew up and faced the man, using his secret weapon that lay hidden behind the guitar and big hair – his keen intellect.

“I put an end to that in 1990 and took bull by the horns,” said Ingram. “I wanted to dictate to my own self what I feel in my heart – the way the band should be headed.”

Having a band member looking out for their own best interest has given them the luxury of controlling their destiny, without subscribing to what the industry idea of their ‘brand’ should be.

“I felt the music of Molly Hatchet, it’s legacy, tradition and sprit needed to be kept alive as long as the fundamental sound, the fundamental sprit of the band is intact, which it definitely is. We’re going to deliver this music around the world and that’s what I’m going to do until the good lord takes me.”

While many rockers reminisce about the glory days, Ingram has no time to look back. Focused on what’s right in front of him and what’s coming in the future. At the end of the year, Molly Hatchet will go into the Alps of Germany and record another album.

As always, they’re doing it for the veterans and their unwavering support.

“I thank them dearly for that,” said Ingram. We’re definitely flirting with disaster after all these years – just in different ways.”

Kristi Yamaguchi – From the Girl Next Door to Momtrepreneur!

Kristi Yamaguchi, has been America’s girl next door since she was a teen. A world class figure skater who dazzled us with her poise and charm at the 1992 Winter Olympics – she seized gold and our hearts while watching her grow up through a whirlwind career.

Today she’s more of a juggler in the circus that is her life.

These days Yamaguchi has a more than a few balls in the air – mother, wife, author, business woman, philanthropist – she’s even danced with the stars and won.

Her latest venture is designer, Tsu.ya by Kristi Yamaguchi, is a beautify, simple, clean line of clothing with a little bit of funky thrown in for good measure. image

The line features the unexpected, ruffles and ruching providing sliming effects while amping up femininity. Zippers, a flash of colored leopard print, rhinestones and sexy thumb holes adorn long sleeved shirts, jackets and dresses adding to the cool factor.

Busy mom that she is to her two girls Keara, 9 and Emma, 7, she’s all about balance. So mixing practicality to her clothing line was an absolute must.

“The inspiration behind the design is bringing function as well as flair for fashion and comfort all into one line,” said Yamaguchi. “I think the diverse aspect of our lives now, especially being a busy mom and trying to stay active are all tied into the style of the active wear.”

Clothes that make you want to get up in the morning, slide into them and feel confident. Made from a comfy mix of cotton and spandex, they’ll take you from yoga and Pilates, straight to lunch with the girls or anywhere about town – you can now forever shirk the gym rat look.

Who other than a world class athlete could have an eye for clothing that moves with the body all the while being both classic and trendy.

“I wanted something woman could feel good in, look good in, and also know they’re helping the community as well.”

A portion of the sales from the line supports her Always Dream Foundation where she is head dream maker. The charity aims to help area children, focusing on literacy.

“I love the business models like Tom’s Shoes,” she said. “Those that are philanthropic minded. Why not come up with something that’s a good quality product that also helps sustain the work we’re doing. Active wear was a natural segue.”

That passion for children’s literacy is evident. She’s penned four books, two of them for kids.

Dream Big Little Pig teaches kids to believe in themselves. Although the protagonist in the book is a pig, (Poppy) Kristi admits her second book, It’s a Big World Little Pig is autobiographical.

“The little pig goes on her first international adventure. She’s nervous about leaving home and meeting new friends. While traveling she soon learns that with an open heart you can easily create friendships with a smile. Even in different parts of the world, speaking different languages, ultimately we are more alike than we are different.”

Sound familiar? Kristi was barely a teenager when she made her first international trip at 14.

Yamaguchi sets dizzying pace for herself, is she skating on thin ice? Please, this is a woman who has spun 110 mph with her head tilted back – who’s kidding who?

Her balancing act includes a little down time. She likes to curl up on the couch with her husband, Bret Hedican, a retired hockey player who was on Team USA during the Olympics, she fell for him on the ice.

Her guilty pleasure, watching television.

“I’m addicted to TV. Once the kids are in bed I become a couch potato. Me and my husband got hooked onto Homeland. I’m also a Grey’s Anatomy fan.”


The clothing line’s name, Tsu.ya, is her middle name and her grandmother’s first name. It is also a way to pay homage to her Japanese heritage.

“I was very shy as a child. I still consider myself very shy and insecure in some situations. Being involved in skating, in a sports, helped me overcome a lot of that.”

Her youngest daughter, Emma also skates. Her coach is Kristi’s former pairs partner, Rudy Galindo. “I let him be the boss because she listen to him more than mom.”

Favorite Sports Team:
The San Jose Sharks – her husband, Bret does the pre-game, post-game analysis for Comcast Sports.


How she stays in such amazing shape…
Eating healthy, biking with the kids and chasing them around in her front yard and of course the evil elliptical machine.

photo credit: <a href=\”https://www.flickr.com/photos/usjc/7728492542/\”>U.S.-Japan Council</a> via <a href=\”http://photopin.com\”>photopin</a> <a href=\”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/\”>cc</a>

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