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Wellington’s top student hopes to one day make technology easier

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It’s not every day that the principal shows up for English class.That’s when 17-year-old Wellington High School senior Davy Yue suspected something.

“Mr. Crocetti, the school principal, visited my second-period English class, made a small announcement congratulating me for becoming Wellington’s 2015 -16 valedictorian and gave me a formal handshake for achieving such an honorable position,” Yue said.

Davy Yue is the 2016 valedictorian for Wellington High School.

Davy Yue is the 2016 valedictorian for Wellington High School.

Yue has a 3.9 GPA and an HPA (honors point average) of 5.24; however by the end of the year both will get a boost because of the AICE courses that he’s enrolled in. Along with his rigorous academics schedule, Yue is dually enrolled in various classes at Palm Beach State College. He also made sure to include courses that sparked his interest, such as AP computer science, AP art studio: drawing portfolio, and AP psychology.

As president of the National English Honor Society for the past two years, Yue volunteered tutoring kids at New Horizons and Wellington Landings schools. He is president of the Math Honor Society, where he is involved in managing various math competitions.

Wellington’s top student hopes to one day make technology easier photo

In his downtime, Yue enjoys painting and admits to being a bit obsessed with origami. He became interested when he saw a friend take an ordinary sheet of paper and turn it into something magical.

He even started his own club.

“I founded and have been president of the Origami Club for three years,” said Yue. “In the Origami Club, I teach other students about how to fold mundane printer paper into fascinating three-dimensional objects.”

Not one to procrastinate, Yue has penned his graduation speech, and is a little relieved for a reprieve.

“It feel great having worked so hard for years and to be able to achieve a position that’s obviously the highest honor at my school,” said Yue. “It was sort of a relief knowing that it’s almost the end.”

For Yue, this is just the beginning. The Wellington resident has been accepted to Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Florida, however he will head to Nashville this fall to attend his dream school, Vanderbilt University.

“Vanderbilt provides the combination of both a challenging academic environment and a diverse, passionate community that would continue to impact me for my whole life,” said Yue.

It all seems to jive well with his favorite quote from Justin James “J. J.” Watt, a defensive end for the Houston Texans, who said, “Success isn’t owned. It’s leased and rent is due every day.”

At Vanderbilt, he’ll pursue a degree in computer science. Yue hopes to end up at a big firm like Google, creating technology that makes life easier for people.

“I’ve always liked programs that ease the user’s ability to utilize technology for their own benefit,” he said.


What are you reading now?

“The Complete Book of Origami: Step-by Step Instructions in Over 1,000 Diagrams” by Robert J. Lang

What’s your favorite junk food?

Key Lime Pie Oreos

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Morgan Freeman, whose voice alone would assure me that all is well in the universe. He doesn’t even have to speak English; Pig Latin would have the same calming affect.

Who do you admire most?

Bill Gates

What’s playing on your iPod?

“Not Afraid,” by Eminem

What three things you would bring with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?

A pedal-powered boat, Usain Bolt, and a 4.2-pound bag of Ling Ling All Natural Potstickers — chicken and vegetable flavor.

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